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Unusually enthusiastic about the Colemans.


This is the family website kept by Jason and Tina Coleman from 2004 – 2010. It's no longer actively updated but remains just as cute as ever.

This is where we try to give our friends and family a glimpse of what goes on in our home. The stories and photos posted here are some of our favorite encounters with parenting and childing. (And sometimes we make up new words!)

To Quote a Coleman…

Do you want to take a nap, Daddy? I don’t want you to look at me.

What a suspicious thing to say. Five minutes later I found him in the kitchen eating peanut butter from the jar by the spoonful.

To Quote a Coleman…

I would use eleven sharks.

Callie said, after hearing on the Discovery Channel that one crocodile bites with the force of ten sharks.

To Quote a Coleman…

She went to save the people.

Cameron telling daddy that mommy had left for work. He can’t tell you precisely what mommy does for a living, but he obviously perceives it to be greatly important.

To Quote a Coleman…

I’m going to ruin the world!

Cameron said in anger, after having suffered an injustice at the hands of his sisters. He then tore two handfuls of fronds from the potted fern.

When is Tina?

Tina is on business in Australia — living 15 hours in the future compared to the rest of us here at home.

TIme in Sydney, Australia:

To Quote a Coleman…

Callie to Cameron:

The universe is made of niblets.

Working from daddy’s boiled-down explanation of atoms, the 5y/o boils it down a little further for the 2y/o.

To Quote a Coleman…

And I thought you were the best daddy ever!

Said Callie, crestfallen, as she marched off to the timeout daddy demanded of her.

Tooth Fairy Client #1171

Tooth Fairy Client #1171

It is very, very hard to believe. Cora has lost her second — Second. SECOND! — tooth.

How old must her father be? The father of the one who has lost her SECOND tooth? He cradled her in his arms, she a mere infant at the time. A mere infant who has not merely begun to lose her teeth, but has now lost her second — Second. SECOND! — tooth.

Go to Work Mom

Looking at the posts Jason’s put up in the past, realized there was no real category there for me, if I wanted to give my ‘Colemania’ opinion.  Jas has ‘Stay Home Dad’ – what’s my corollary?  ‘Go Away Mom’?  Sometimes it feels that way: I go away to work, come home to go away to Pioneers, come home to go away to church, …  But I didn’t want that particular category to be interpreted as a command: ‘Go Away, Mom!’.  Not until our kids are closer to teenagers, anyway.

I think for the moment, I’ll use the rough heading ‘Go to Work Mom’.  Nice interplay between ‘Stay Home Dad’ and ‘Go to Work Mom’.  But Stay Home dads get the nice acronym, SHD where I’d be left with GtWM.  I sense a real danger of someone dropping the ‘t’, thus putting me in danger of confusing folks about my dating availability, as well as a few other things.   Maybe At Work Mom?  That’d make me an AWM, which a web search puts me as an Angry White Male.  Still a bit confusing, though at least not advertising any sort of dating availability.


To Quote a Coleman…

It falls down because of grabity.

Callie understands that her helium balloon has begun to sink towards the floor rather than rise to the ceiling because the Earth grabs it!