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May, 2006

This page displays all entries written in May, 2006.

Sumo Curtsy


Cora’s graduation was beautiful. After the kids sang some songs (with dance steps and all) they each came forward to receive a certificate from their teacher. They had obviously rehersed how the children should receive their certificates because each child in turn shook her teacher’s hand, gripped the diploma, and then turned to the audience with a bow or a curtsy.

There was a wide range of interpretation of the curtsy. Some girls nailed it gracefully, some girls just bowed. When it came to Cora’s turn she shook hands just fine, gripped the diploma just fine, then turned to the audience with a look on her face like she couldn’t quite remember how to curtsy. Then, keeping her back straight, she did what can only be described as a squat, bending both knees until her thighs were parallel to the floor. Her expression then changed to something like, “I hope that was okay,” and she returned to her seat.

Cora Graduates!


This week Cora finished her last day of 3YO preschool. The teachers had a little commencement ceremony for the children with diplomas and all. This was the first commencement I’d ever attended where the graduates sang “I’m a Little Teapot” before they got their certificates and, let me tell you, those little scholars knew that song backwards and forwards! Great work, class of ’06.

We’re Back, Part 1


We’re back from Jamaica and our bathing suits are drying in anticipation of whatever much-less-exciting swimming we may yet have ahead of us later in the summer.

Jamaica made for a wonderful vacation: our girls got their first airplane ride; the weather was beautiful; the Jamaicans were kind.

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We’re Outta Here, Part 1

Going to the beach.

We’re beginning a Spring/Summer of travel and adventure with a trip to the Beaches Negril Resort in Jamaica. This is our family’s first big vacation since having kids so we’re very excited and a little nervous about it.

We live on the approach path for BWI Airport so the girls see dozens of airplanes an hour, but this will be their first time inside one. I’m sure the girls will love the ride but mommy and daddy aren’t so sure about the patience that may be required of us.

So, back soon. Please carry on.