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Tooth Fairy Client #1171

Tooth Fairy Client #1171

It is very, very hard to believe. Cora has lost her second — Second. SECOND! — tooth.

How old must her father be? The father of the one who has lost her SECOND tooth? He cradled her in his arms, she a mere infant at the time. A mere infant who has not merely begun to lose her teeth, but has now lost her second — Second. SECOND! — tooth.



We’ve been placing doodles into Cora’s lunchbag each day. I’ve posted some of them to You can take a look by clicking on the image.

Hallmark Moment

We got invited to our friend Phil’s birthday party. His wife Mindy made the invitations and included a stereotypical old guy on the front. Cora apparently studied the old guy on the card pretty well.

At the party Cora refused to sing Happy Birthday to Phil with the rest of us. Later, walking home, she explained that Mr. Phil looked nothing like his card. She suspects it’s not even the same guy.

Phil party invitationPhil 40th party


Cora turned five today. We celebrated by having a Princess Party sleepover last night with a few friends from preschool. The party went well and none of the little princesses lost her nerve or needed a carriage ride home before bed (and three of them managed to see midnight without turning into pumpkins).

All the girls had fun but the real winner was Callie. She was thrilled to be hanging with the big girls and the big girls seemed to vie for her attention. It’s not so bad to be three and running with the cool crowd.

We promised Cora we could go out to eat for her birthday dinner and she picked Friendly’s. (No surprise: the two best restaurants on Earth in her opinion are Ledo’s and Friendly’s.) Once, while the server was at our table, Tina mentioned something about the “birthday girl.” Well when the server arrived with dessert he also brought with him about half a dozen reinforcements to sing the Friendly’s version of the Happy Birthday song to Cora. Their version included the lines, “If you’re good you’ll get your wishes, but if you’re bad you’ll wash our dishes.”

Being naturally very shy, Cora buried her face in Tina’s shoulder while the crew sang. Once they had left and she had a little time to recover she started repeating the part about “if you’re bad you’ll wash our dishes” and laughing like it was the funniest thing she had ever heard.

While tucking her into bed tonight she told me that she wants to call Gram tomorrow and sing her the Friendly’s birthday song. I guess it was a good birthday.

Callie’s New Earrings


This weekend Callie decided that she wanted earrings. Her big sister has been talking about getting earrings for weeks. There’s even a particular earring kiosk that we keep returning to because she wants to pick out earrings, but her courage always turns to water when it comes time to pierce her ears.
This weekend, though, on our way to the mall to repeat this cycle once again, Callie decided that *she* wanted earrings this time. And when we reached the point where Cora’s couraged ebbed Callie’s did not. She picked out her earrings, sat up in the chair, got earring number one, then earring number two. My brave, decisive — and now sparkly! — little girl.

Naming Baby

We just had a baby! Cameron was born in September and is doing great.

We had a poll running here asking what our friends thought of the names we were considering, and allowing them to suggest some names of their own. Cameron was a reader-suggested name and had the most votes from everyone else. That was not our only consideration in choosing the name but it was helpful. Thank you.

As we mentioned during the poll, Jason frowns on popular names. For our purposes, popular is defined as any name that has ranked in the top 50 in the Social Security Administration’s Baby Name Data in the past 10 years. The name “Cameron” is a little too popular by this method, reaching 31st place in the year 2000. It’s a great name though so Jason learned to lighten up.

Happy Birthday, Cameron!


The newest member of our family was born yesterday (Sept. 24) at 3:21pm. Mom and baby are both doing great. Big sisters and daddy are fine too. Many more photos at


A selection of Flickr Photos from our trip to the carnival.

Dressed for Work

The girls got some new dress-up clothes this week from Gram. Cora’s is a Cinderella dress and Callie’s is a LadyBug outfit complete with antennae and wings. There’s a whole lot of princessing going on at our house since the arrival of the Cinderella dress. Cora has been quite taken with the Disney Princesses for a while now, but as of this week she has the official uniform to go with the big imagination. When she’s in her dress she wants to be addressed as “Your Highness.” (And, in keeping with royal decorum, she returns the favor by addressing me as “Sire”.)

Sumo Curtsy


Cora’s graduation was beautiful. After the kids sang some songs (with dance steps and all) they each came forward to receive a certificate from their teacher. They had obviously rehersed how the children should receive their certificates because each child in turn shook her teacher’s hand, gripped the diploma, and then turned to the audience with a bow or a curtsy.

There was a wide range of interpretation of the curtsy. Some girls nailed it gracefully, some girls just bowed. When it came to Cora’s turn she shook hands just fine, gripped the diploma just fine, then turned to the audience with a look on her face like she couldn’t quite remember how to curtsy. Then, keeping her back straight, she did what can only be described as a squat, bending both knees until her thighs were parallel to the floor. Her expression then changed to something like, “I hope that was okay,” and she returned to her seat.