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August, 2006

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G’Morning, Gov’nor

Meeting Governor Ehrlich

Cora’s political awareness began at age three when she started watching re-runs of The West Wing with her dad. (She called the show “Mr. President” because the president was her favorite character and that’s how everyone addressed him.)

With our family’s chance meeting of Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich this weekend, Cora’s exposure to politics goes up another notch. We explained to her that a governor is like the president, but only for one state. Cora was happy to get her picture taken with any kind of president.

Callie was less impressed. As we were talking with Governor Ehrlich she yelled, “A Cow!” and ran off to chase the Chick-Fil-A mascot who had just strolled by.


A selection of Flickr Photos from our trip to the carnival.

Dressed for Work

The girls got some new dress-up clothes this week from Gram. Cora’s is a Cinderella dress and Callie’s is a LadyBug outfit complete with antennae and wings. There’s a whole lot of princessing going on at our house since the arrival of the Cinderella dress. Cora has been quite taken with the Disney Princesses for a while now, but as of this week she has the official uniform to go with the big imagination. When she’s in her dress she wants to be addressed as “Your Highness.” (And, in keeping with royal decorum, she returns the favor by addressing me as “Sire”.)