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Unusually enthusiastic about the Colemans.

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To Quote a Coleman…

Callie: My cookies are crying.
Jason: Why?
Callie: Because I ate all their friends!

Callie refering to the Oreo cookie halves left over after eating the sides with cream filling on them.

To Quote a Coleman…

Cora: I had a bad dream. Someone put ice cream on my head.
Jason: That’s a bad dream? Just eat the ice cream.
Cora: It had hairs in it!

To Quote a Coleman…

Cora: I’m boy-strong!
Jason: Did you mean: “Boy, I’m strong”?
Cora: Yeah.

To Quote a Coleman…

Conversation while dancing.

Jason: Shake it, baby, shake it!
Callie: I’m not gonna shake it, actually.