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November, 2004

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We Parked Inside a Building

We recently went to see The Wiggles at an afternoon concert in the middle of DC. That means a forty minute drive to the city, navigating through crowded, unfamiliar city streets, finding the concert venue, and then finding a parking garage near the concert venue. Then we watch the show and, afterward, return to our parking garage to discover it’s jam-packed with other families trying to leave at the same time. So, thinking on our feet, we drag everyone back out of the garage to find a toddler-friendly restaurant and supper before returning to our now-empty parking garage just in time to enter DC evening rush hour traffic. It took us 2.5 times as long to get home as it took us to enter the city.

The day after the concert I was hoping Cora would bubble over with excitement about how she loved seeing The Wiggles. Fishing for one of those smiles that would make the previous day’s adventure worth the effort, I asked her what she remembered about the concert. Her answer was, “We parked inside a building.”

What’s a Boohbah?

I posted some images from Halloween of Cora dressed in her Boohbah costume. This has caused more than one person to ask, “What’s a Boohbah?” By the standards of this website, anything being seen by more than one person constitutes great traffic–a veritable groundswell of interest!–so I’m going to address that question here. Thus will my loyal readership (yes, both of you) gain enlightenment.

Here is a picture of five of the six Boohbahs known to exist: Humbah, Zumbah, Zing Zing Zingbah, Corbah, and Jingbah. It should be noted that Corbah is not widely known outside of the Coleman household, with most fans instead referring to the blue Boohbah by the name Jumbah.


Boohbah is a kids show on PBS that involves a lot of exercising and running around, and Cora loves to dance and run around right along with it. She started slow at first, but now she tells me, “Daddy, dance!” when Humbah, Zumbah, Zing Zing Zingbah, Jumbah, and Jingbah start running around.

The best physical description of the Boohbahs from a news organization comes from the AP via CNN: gumdrops clad in Astroturf. My impression is that the Boohbahs look like visitors from a planet where the dominant species had evolved from shag rug and then grew exceedingly obese and sparkly.

Cora, however, does not judge by appearances. The Boohbahs make fun sounds and do fun dances and have a cute little dog named Fido. And, especially now that she has her Boohbah Halloween costume, she’s becoming one of them.

Added Halloween Photos

I’ve added some late-October photos — including Halloween photos — to the photo gallery here.