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July, 2007

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This Breath Mint Makes the Radiation Unbearable!

Jason’s been undergoing radiotherapy for two weeks now. The weird thing about it is that, despite how scary and awful the idea of “getting radiation” may sound, what I’m going through is no trouble at all. The type of radiation I’m receiving is very localized and leaves no side effects besides a little bit of sunburn-like tenderness.

The other day I was sucking on a breath mint as I went in for treatment. Because I must hold perfectly still while the radiation is applied, I held the breath mint immobile against my tongue during the treatment. The breath mint burned my tongue like a mouthful of Scope while the deadly, horrible radiation shining into my back didn’t cause even noticeable warmth in my skin.

To Quote a Coleman…

You’re beat is very slow.

Callie, said like some kind of prophetic Jedi jazz master, to daddy, as she lay with her head on his chest listening to his heart.