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April, 2007

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As some of you are aware and some of you are not, Jason’s cancer from five years ago has recurred and we’ve been treating it since January. Everything is going well and we have reason to hope that all the cancer is gone now.

We didn’t leave anyone out of the loop on purpose but there are lots of our friends who will be getting this news for the first time here. Figuring out how to pass along what we’ve been dealing with has been one of the tricky parts. It made us feel very needy to raise the subject again and again and again with every friend we met even if he or she was hearing it for the first time. And when considering when or what to tell someone, we know there’s going to be more accurate info to pass along if we just wait to say something until after the next doctor’s appointment or procedure, so there’s always the feeling that we should keep it under wraps for just a bit longer. If you weren’t in the know until now, thank you for being a friend about this.