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Request for Quotes

Tina might be amused at the title of this entry. Everyone else might be amused by something Cora said recently.

I’m going to be a ballerina instead of just a girl in a dress.

That’s my girl. I’ve always aspired to be a great stay-home dad and not just a guy who doesn’t go to work. Similar sentiment.

Fatherhood in a Picture

The concept of ‘fatherhood’ conjures the image of a provider: a masculine, authoritarian bread-winner. Here’s a picture that instead captures the essence of what it is to be a daddy: playful, helpful, and, at the moment, butterfly-clipped.

Jason the Angry Barfly

I’ve been a fan of the comic strip Bob the Angry Flower for several years now. The strip incorporates theoretical science, philosophical conundrum, and outrageous personalities in a way that just does it for a guy with a background in math and philosophy. (That’s me!)

The Time Looker-Forward Tube is a good example of a philosophical conundrum, but don’t read it if coarse language makes you break out in hives.

Another of my favorites (because of my interest in both beer and quantum physics) is Schrödinger’s Fridge.

Well, my wife managed to get a gift for my 30th birthday that not only provided me with something neat but also shows that she knows something neat about me. She managed to have BTAF creator Stephen Notley draw me into a BTAF cartoon, and the cartoon deals with beer and quantum physics!

Before I give you a link to my cartoon, let me send you to one more BTAF cartoon that will provide a little more background: Or Anything.

Okay, now you have enough experience in Bob-world to maybe get what this cartoon is talking about. You can follow the adventures of Jason the Angry Barfly in the cartoon Overhearing