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February, 2008

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Go to Work Mom

Looking at the posts Jason’s put up in the past, realized there was no real category there for me, if I wanted to give my ‘Colemania’ opinion.  Jas has ‘Stay Home Dad’ – what’s my corollary?  ‘Go Away Mom’?  Sometimes it feels that way: I go away to work, come home to go away to Pioneers, come home to go away to church, …  But I didn’t want that particular category to be interpreted as a command: ‘Go Away, Mom!’.  Not until our kids are closer to teenagers, anyway.

I think for the moment, I’ll use the rough heading ‘Go to Work Mom’.  Nice interplay between ‘Stay Home Dad’ and ‘Go to Work Mom’.  But Stay Home dads get the nice acronym, SHD where I’d be left with GtWM.  I sense a real danger of someone dropping the ‘t’, thus putting me in danger of confusing folks about my dating availability, as well as a few other things.   Maybe At Work Mom?  That’d make me an AWM, which a web search puts me as an Angry White Male.  Still a bit confusing, though at least not advertising any sort of dating availability.