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Unusually enthusiastic about the Colemans.

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When is Tina?

Tina is on business in Australia — living 15 hours in the future compared to the rest of us here at home.

TIme in Sydney, Australia:

Dog Germs!


Tina takes a Rufus kiss on the ear. Daddy and Cora do the yucky dog-germs dance when we get a puppy kiss on the face. Mommy and Callie claim to like these kisses, but the look on Tee’s face here tells a different story.

Who’s the Pretty Princess Now?


While at a party with my daughter I took part in the “Pretty, Pretty Princess” game. As you can see from the photo, I was unstoppable.

Through their savvy branding of heroines and their relentless advertising to small children, the Disney Company has my 4YO daughter convinced that the world can be easily divided into two groups: Princesses and Witches. While physical beauty isn’t a requirement for a prince or princess at all times (e.g., Beast from Beauty and the Beast), we can still expect their undeniable inner beauty to be evident from time to time.

I posted this photo so you could see, I’m with the princesses.

Birthday Party!


Cora had a birthday party today with some friends from church and preschool. She said it was the “Best party ever!” Of course, she hasn’t been to too many parties.

What cannot be denied is that she and her friends had fun, and that Tee and I enjoyed hanging out with the other parents.

Christmas Photos in February?

Feb. 9, 2006 119

I’ve just uploaded a bunch of photos from December and January. Strange timing, I know, to post Christmas photos this long after Christmas. I was having computer trouble for most of that time and didn’t have a good way to post photos. Now I have a lot of making up to do.

Singin’ It!

We all know how it’s supposed to be done, right? Because all the really good singers on TV do it that way. When you get to the part of the song that requires the most feeling you close your eyes and belt it out.

Callie did that tonight while singing the Belly Button Song. She got to the chorus and closed her eyes and let it fly.

“Baby I need to tell you something,
I don’t got a belly button!