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Unusually enthusiastic about the Colemans.

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To Quote a Coleman…

I would use eleven sharks.

Callie said, after hearing on the Discovery Channel that one crocodile bites with the force of ten sharks.

To Quote a Coleman…

Callie to Cameron:

The universe is made of niblets.

Working from daddy’s boiled-down explanation of atoms, the 5y/o boils it down a little further for the 2y/o.

To Quote a Coleman…

And I thought you were the best daddy ever!

Said Callie, crestfallen, as she marched off to the timeout daddy demanded of her.

To Quote a Coleman…

It falls down because of grabity.

Callie understands that her helium balloon has begun to sink towards the floor rather than rise to the ceiling because the Earth grabs it!

To Quote a Coleman…

You’re beat is very slow.

Callie, said like some kind of prophetic Jedi jazz master, to daddy, as she lay with her head on his chest listening to his heart.

To Quote a Coleman…

I liked you better with your bouquet.

Callie, talking to her recently clean-shaven father, comes up with the wrong word for goatee but makes for wonderful imagery anyway.

To Quote a Coleman…

I want to play Star Horse!

Callie, requesting to play Star Wars on the XBox. (It’s Lego Star Wars; how long could we expect them to resist it?)

To Quote a Coleman…

I need nose candy!

Callie with a stuffy nose, asking for her bubble gum flavored cold medicine.

To Quote a Coleman…

Mermaids sleep in the bathtub.

Callie being very logical about who should sleep where.

To Quote a Coleman…

Heavenly Father…take care of Uncle Brad, and take care of us, and know us.

Callie’s bedtime prayer tonight. Know us. Beautiful.