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October, 2006

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To Quote a Coleman…

Heavenly Father…take care of Uncle Brad, and take care of us, and know us.

Callie’s bedtime prayer tonight. Know us. Beautiful.

Callie’s New Earrings


This weekend Callie decided that she wanted earrings. Her big sister has been talking about getting earrings for weeks. There’s even a particular earring kiosk that we keep returning to because she wants to pick out earrings, but her courage always turns to water when it comes time to pierce her ears.
This weekend, though, on our way to the mall to repeat this cycle once again, Callie decided that *she* wanted earrings this time. And when we reached the point where Cora’s couraged ebbed Callie’s did not. She picked out her earrings, sat up in the chair, got earring number one, then earring number two. My brave, decisive — and now sparkly! — little girl.

Naming Baby

We just had a baby! Cameron was born in September and is doing great.

We had a poll running here asking what our friends thought of the names we were considering, and allowing them to suggest some names of their own. Cameron was a reader-suggested name and had the most votes from everyone else. That was not our only consideration in choosing the name but it was helpful. Thank you.

As we mentioned during the poll, Jason frowns on popular names. For our purposes, popular is defined as any name that has ranked in the top 50 in the Social Security Administration’s Baby Name Data in the past 10 years. The name “Cameron” is a little too popular by this method, reaching 31st place in the year 2000. It’s a great name though so Jason learned to lighten up.

To Quote a Coleman…

Maybe he wants a story.

Callie, opening a book across her lap, listening to her hungry, crying baby brother.

To Quote a Coleman…

Congratulations that you are having a baby!

Cora to Tina upon the beginning of labor.