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The Kimono

This is Cora in an outfit that Uncle Brad sent to her while he was stationed in Korea. It’s not a kimono, which is Japanese, but probably an example of the Korean formal dress known as hanbok. However, if I had titled this article “The Hanbok” you wouldn’t have known what I was talking about, would you?

When Uncle Brad sent this outfit Cora was much too small to wear it, but she seems to have grown into it pretty well in the intervening year, yes? The outfit ended up hanging in a closet and was only recently retrieved: these pictures show the very first time she’s tried it on.

Cora just loved the new outfit. It’s silky, it looks cool, and we say “Uncle Brad” a lot while she’s wearing it, which she likes. The shimmery smoothness of it reminds me of something worn in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, so I tried coaching Cora in some basic martial arts moves. The picture to the left shows her balanced on both feet ready for any attack Master Li Mu Bai and his sword, the Green Destiny, might throw at her. (Not really. It just shows her standing there. But dream with me!)

The last image shows Cora making a scary face when I told her to look tough. Nice try, kid.